I have spent forty (40) years in the construction industry working my way up from a laborer to a master carpenter and custom home builder.  In addition, I spent almost twenty (20) years in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as an engineer officer managing a statewide environmental program.  From the military I moved on to the DuPont Company managing environmental cleanups on the east coast.  

I have written a book on home maintenance that covers all of the major systems in a home, how to maintain them and how to properly screen contractors when you need a repair that is outside of your “comfort zone.”

All of this experience means that when you hire me to inspect your home you are not only buying peace of mind, you are buying years of experience, insight and tips for what to do and how to do the things that might require your attention once you move in.  

Thermal imaging is the latest technological development in this industry.  It is an incredible tool that allows you to determine water leaks (old and new), missing insulation, faulty wiring and areas of the home that could use some attention to reduce heat and cooling loss.  I offer this service as a compliment to my basic inspection service.  If it helps me do a better inspection I can’t see why it should cost you more simply because it’s a new technology.     

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